Our continuous Improvement program is a service that we provide select clients where we monitor our products and regularly look for innovative ways to improve reliability, safety and cost savings.

The Vision

To provide a total cost of ownership with the mine fleet owners through strategic acquisitions and diverse growth, providing an efficient and streamlined site support to maximise machine availability and fleet cost reductions based of our core values through technology, innovation, reliability projects, tenacity, teamwork to promote a culture of professional courtesy and service.


To become the most efficient and reliable partners in mining providing elite services in labour force, quality supply chain consisting of the most economically reliable products through strong relationships, integrity, accountability, inspiration, dedication, teamwork and tenacity to ensure we don’t just settle for what is great today because it doesn’t mean it can’t still get better tomorrow.

Achieving it

Through diversity and leadership with a good culture of trust and respect we can lean on vast expertise in order to exhaust all options or ideas before settling. This will allow not only for making a safer more pleasant workplace, it will also allow for us to adopt change to be a positive and embrace new opportunities and nurture new ideas to prevent complacency, adapting to the economic climate and taking on a new perspective to grow from any challenges that arise with our clients as their needs change.


Community - Supporting local community’s business’s allows for experience and growth in relationships close to the projects.

Financial Institutions Local banks and grants will allow personal and community growth for local business’s and help build our company with integrity.

Internal Personnel Our own teams are selected for the projects based on localised knowledge, equipment or experience ensuring the best outcomes. When possible and viable the local communities come first before branching out to further regions or industries.

Mine/Fleet ownersOwners will often provide details of areas that are causing problems or suspected expenses or product flaws which we as a group will investigate a solution.


Timelines vary on the projects as it is as it says continuous however most project are on a time frame of 4 months on average. Some projects may take up to 12 months based on international sourcing and materials. Start up projects generally take 3 months.


All projects run a risk analysis, should there be any Safety, Environmental, Bad Publicity or Brand damage we will not proceed with a project.


Clients can usually get an improved product or service that will reduce costs of fleet maintenance, Improve the safety of the Employees and Plant or Greatly improve the life of the parts to reduce costs in unexpected breakdowns and improve machine availability for production.

In most cases the trial partners remain getting parts at a discounted rate for there fleet due to having worked with us to monitor machines and allow access.