At WPS we lead our team and culture with our 22 years of hands on experience from the Managing Director James Docking in Engineering - Maintenance - Planning - Fleet cost reductions and Logistics. With vast experience collectively for the OEM's, Alternative Supply and Emerging Markets we help our clients achieve fleet cost reductions, reliability and safety improvements.

WPS provides a quality service that is driven by our Continuous Improvement Program giving our clients a quality product and great service today and even better tomorrow.

Working closely with our clients we monitor and improve on the traditional uneconomical, unreliable or unsafe products from existing fleets or maintenance habits of yesterday and excelling them by todays standards and beyond.

Our global networks and strong alliances formed over decades enables us to source and supply the tailored parts to suit our target clienteles needs by the day as well as manufacture locally or add improvements or mods to site requests.

Using fleet cost reductions, reliability projects, innovative technology, continuous improvement programs and good old fashioned service, where we get to know our clients fleet as if we were a stakeholder. This ensures nothing but the best parts supply, onsite labour and Support meeting the demand from the current economic climates that drive sites KPI’s.

By passing on knowledge and skills to our staff and leading from the front, we can build a culture passionate in achieving personal growth, knowledge and experience to best support and grow with our clients.